Natural Allergy Elimination Therapies: Can they help with ADHD symptoms?

Natural Allergy Elimination Therapies – Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) and NAET

For many years, medical and research professionals have attempted to find the cause for ADHD.  Indeed, while about 9% of American children between 6-18 years are diagnosed with ADHD, the cause for the disorder still remains largely unknown. However, in recent years, several studies are suggesting a connection between allergies, asthma and ADHD.  A study published in 2013, the Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology found an increased risk of ADHD in boys with a history of allergy or asthma.   The study revealed 40% of the boys were more likely to have asthma and 50%  were more likely to have been on an allergy medication.  The link is still unclear, but the evidence of an association is real.

The connection raises interesting questions.  If allergies are eliminated or reduced, would ADHD symptoms also be alleviated?  One could hypothesize that if allergies contribute to ADHD, then proper allergy management could play a role in ADHD treatment.  With more attention on natural alternatives, this article discusses two techniques for alleviating and eliminating allergy symptoms.

What is AAT?

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT) provides a natural and non-invasive approach to allergy management. Conventional treatment targets the immune response using allergy shots and antihistamines; AAT targets the organs and surrounding tissues that elicit the response to the allergens.

AAT works by examining the relationship between individual organs and the allergy causing substances.  During treatment, patients are subjected to a combination of energy balancing techniques, such as kinesiology and acupressure .  Neuromuscular sensitivity testing (NST) is used to identify the offending allergens then are “cleared” by retraining the brain with positive energy responses along the spine.  When the affected organs are stimulated with a positive response, the associated symptoms are reduced or eliminated.  Consequently, the reaction to the offending substance is altered allowing the body to reset to a more healthy state.  This technique is effective for treating food and environmental allergies, including sensitivities.

What is NAET?

NAET– Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques was discovered by Dr. Nambudripad back in the 1980’s.  The methods are similar to AAT as they both use procedures involving neuromuscular sensitivity testing (NST) and acupressure, but NAET also incorporates chiropractic, allopathy  and nutritional guidelines as part of the treatment plan.  One distinct difference is that NAET uses vials that contain the sample allergen, which is placed directly on the patient’s skin while performing the muscle testing and AAT uses a digital computer with a library of allergens along with a cuff.

NAET treats one allergen at a time and typically there is a sequence to which ones are addressed first.   The treatments may require  up to 15-20 visits to desensitize the allergens.   Licensed practitioners are available in over 12,000 worldwide locations through a network of trained professionals.  Click to Find a center near you.

Treatment options for ADHD

Due to the connection between ADHD and allergic tendencies, NAET and AAT therapies could offer relief of symptoms for both conditions. Many different factors suggest ADHD symptoms being brought about by various foods or environmental conditions, which may worsen ADHD.  This is why many ADHD treatment plans involve nutritional guidelines and a close attention to the environment in which the child is in.

Although various studies are suggesting a link between the two conditions, more research is needed to understand the causative factors and the connection. What is clear, allergen avoidance in the environment and in the foods we eat can be quite challenging especially when multiple allergies or sensitivities are involved.  These natural treatment methods show great promise for allergy sufferers and should be considered as an alternative treatment option.  

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